Five Easy Ways to Improve Social Media Marketing

In 2016 there were 19.4 million social media users in Canada. With approximately 36 million residents, the number of active social media users is over half the country’s entire population. By 2018, it is predicted to rise to 20.4 million.


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With so many people active on social media, these statistics are something business owners should not ignore. Business people and marketers can take advantage of social media to promote their business and the products and/or services they offer.


If you would like to promote your business on social media, might as well do it now! Here are some methods to help you have a strong start with social media marketing:


Stay connected.


When you have a social media account, you must stay active and connected with your followers. Regularly post and share content that is valuable to your followers. Avoid posting random things that are not related to your business. Start by writing a “how-to” article about your latest product or an explanation of its benefits. Both are good reads for your followers.


Create video content.


To attract people’s attention, be creative with what you are posting or sharing on social media accounts. One way to get the notice of customers (or potential ones) is to create video content. Videos have great appeal. It has been said that four times as many consumers prefer watching videos to reading about a product.


You can easily create high quality videos, even with your smartphone. There are video editing apps and editing software that makes it easier to do this. If you are working with an online marketer, ask for their help in creating professional-looking videos.


Create and share excellent content.


Constructing killer content is also important in social media marketing. You have to make sure that every post entices social media users to click the link, contact you, or follow any call-to-action you place in the content. Relate the content to your business and make it valuable to your followers.


Show your readers that you are highly knowledgeable in your field by writing and publishing high quality content. If you don’t have strong writing skills, provide information to someone who does and ask them to write blogs or articles for you. Don’t share content that has poor grammar, sentence structure, and/or spelling errors.


Boost your posts.


Take advantage of paid advertising to boost your posts. With paid advertising, you can increase the reach of posts. You can even specify the demographics of each post to increase the chance of reaching your target audience. This approach is cheaper than other forms of paid online advertising.


Customer service is fundamental.


Aside from staying connected with your followers, utilize social media to improve customer service. By responding to at least 90% of inquiries (sent through a social media page) within a 15 minute window, you can earn a badge for your page showing you are “Very responsive to messages.” If there are inquiries from a client you think should be dealt with privately (billing inquiries, personal information, etc.), first acknowledge their inquiry online and let them know you will contact them through private message to protect their privacy.


Respond to positive comments quickly and sincerely. Also, do not avoid or ignore negative comments. The web is now a venue for people to vent their frustrations, send complaints, and get their problems solved as quickly as possible. Respond to these comments immediately and with empathy. Offer a resolution to all issues and prevent customers from getting angrier.




We hope our suggestions will help you with social media marketing. If you require additional assistance to create a strong social media strategy for your business, call me. Let’s discuss how you can achieve social media success: 1-877-689-5268.

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