Top SEO Trends to Dominate in 2018

The landscape of SEO is ever-changing. Staying on top of new SEO trends can be challenging because it demands new knowledge. In fact, implementing outdated strategies can penalize your website and drag it down in search engine rankings. To fully optimize your site in 2018, here are some top SEO trends to follow this year:


Top SEO Trends to Dominate in 2018


1. Voice Search – The rate of voice search is steadily increasing and is set to become as popular as typed searches. According to Google and comScore, voice search represents 20 percent of the total web searches. By 2020, voice search is predicted to be used in 50 percent of all online searches (comScore).


2. Valuable Backlinks – Reports that link building is dead are premature. Backlinks remain an important ranking factor among search engines. Building valuable and authoritative backlinks show Google that your website can be trusted.


3. SEO-Friendly Content – Content is still “king” and remains a crucial ranking factor in 2018. Content that provides people with valuable answers and solutions matters most to Google. Optimize content by incorporating keywords in the right places:


  • Title tag
  • Meta-description tag
  • H1 to H4 tags
  • Image titles and alt tags
  • Text


4. User Experience Optimization – Better user experience will become more crucial next year. In addition to measuring quality content, Google algorithms are increasingly sophisticated and focus on smoother UX (i.e. essential components like website speed, layout, and easy navigation).


5. Accelerated Mobile Pages – It is not surprising that page loading speed remains an important ranking factor. Google even launched the Accelerated Mobile Page in 2016, an open project that helps boost the page loading time in mobile devices. Using AMP can make web pages load four times faster for a better experience.


6. Featured Snippets – Google’s Quick Answers is a feature that provides small snippets of information at the top of SERPS. The snippets give users an idea of the content’s information without opening the link.


7. Long-Tail Keywords – This type of keyword is a phrase that contains a maximum of three words (and is more specific and less competitive compared to generic keywords). Using long-tail keywords helps increase your status in the ranking ladder.


The future is here. Optimize your website and achieve your SEO goals in 2018. If you require assistance with website optimization and search engine rankings, please call me at 1-877-689-5268 or (416) 888-8756.

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