What to Do if Your Web Traffic Drops Suddenly

Website traffic is crucial for the success of your business’ online presence. The more people visiting your website, the more likely it is for you to establish a strong brand, attract potential customers, and market your products and services. However, when there is a sudden drop in your web traffic, it can result in lower revenue.

There are numerous reasons why a sudden and significant drop in search engine traffic can occur. It could be a technical issue, poor optimization, updates on Google, or recent website changes.


Here are some tips on determining the cause of a sudden traffic drop and how to effectively address the problem:


  • Penalties – Google often penalizes websites that use black hat SEO techniques or low-quality content. These penalties could result in lower website rankings, but in some instances, your website might get de-indexed in search engine results pages (SERPs).



Here are some effective tips to avoid these penalties:

  • Create fresh, quality content
  • Avoid keyword stuffing
  • Do not buy links
  • Disavow bad backlinks



  • Recent Website Changes – Any changes in web design can affect the loading time of the page. The speed of your page’s loading time is crucial to a great user experience. Most internet users expect a website to load in two seconds or less, or they will abandon the website. This ultimately increases the bounce rate. Use Google Analytics to evaluate whether or not all traffic sources are decreasing and monitor the SERPs regularly.



  • Link Spam – Google usually releases a major link-based algorithm to sort out valuable links from spam links once a year. Spam links are one of the biggest factors in the loss of website traffic. Hiring a bad SEO company or trying to outsmart Google by acquiring low-quality links (e.g. directory submissions, article directories, press releases) will cause a decrease in traffic. Perform a thorough link audit to determine if the drop in web traffic is caused by too many low-quality links.



  • Over-Optimized Websites – Overzealous marketing strategies can result in an over-optimized website. For example, adding one keyword in your web page content is great, but adding too many keywords will not increase your search engine ranking. Over-optimization is often done in the following locations:



  • Title Tags
  • Body of the Content
  • Navigation Language


Check the title tag, content, and navigation language for repeated keywords that fail to add to their user value.


A drop in your website traffic causes significant damage to your business. To put your website back on track, be sure to check your website and identify any issues immediately.

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