Getting Quality Links from Social Profiles

Creating profiles on major social networking sites can be beneficial when employed properly. You can increase online presence and visibility, allowing more people get to know you and your business, growing your network, and bringing more organic and quality links to your content. However, many people identify building social profiles for the sole purpose of getting links as a type of spam. It is possible to use social media in a genuine way. By providing valuable information and background, online users are more likely to find and trust you.


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Backlinks (sites linking to your website) are an important ranking factor and effective ways of getting organic traffic. However, you need authoritative backlinks to get better rankings and drive more organic traffic to your business.

Here is a list of ways a social profile can help get quality links:


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1. Obtain an executive profile to acquire better response rate – Personal connections make online users more likely to engage and trust a company profile. Many businesses find selling their products and/or services online difficult because many users ignore messages and requests on various social media platforms. To avoid this problem, a number of digital marketers use executive personal profiles to add friends and new contacts, and help establish stronger relationships with existing contacts.


2. Forum profiles create relationships with technical audiences – While many online users use LinkedIn and Facebook, there are other networks and forums used by people passionately involved in certain industries. Communities like Reddit and Github are venues to attract and build new relationships. Complete your profile and stay active by answering questions; share content that provides relevant solutions for other participants.

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3. Share your content with the right audience using LinkedIn – When possible, ask executives to connect with your various online activities. Set up programs or calendars (with their permission) to regularly share content with their social profiles. Ask other corporate leaders to share their expert opinions and add a personal touch.


4. Connect with other social profiles – Aside from LinkedIn, build new relationships with influencers on Facebook, Twitter, and in online forums. If you want these people to follow your social profile, show your interest or admiration by mentioning them in your content.


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Getting links and encouraging your target audience to share content can be challenging, but it is a natural way that has long-term impact. Focus on building and improving your social profile by staying active, sharing relevant content, and encouraging others online to like and trust you. If you need a partner with vast experience helping local businesses, please call me at (416) 888-8756 or fill out my contact form.

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