Content that Increases Organic and Social Traffic

One of the most common questions a marketer may consider is how effective their website content is for attracting organic and social traffic. When there is an overwhelming number of blogs on the Internet, yours can become diluted or never appear on search engines. Making your content stand out in new ways is a valuable response to content saturation. To accomplish this, you may need a new approach — or you may wish to completely break away from the traditional blog format.

Content Types to Boost Website Traffic

Here are some content types that can help you stand out and drive more traffic to your website:


Content that Increases Organic and Social Traffic


1. Roundups – A collection of content or opinions from specialists belonging to your niche, roundups come in two types:

  • Content (a compilation of your high-quality posts)
  • Expert (a collection of authoritative and reliable opinions and/or interviews with influential individuals)

Aside from making your content stand out, a roundup post is also good for SEO.

2. Infographics – Infographic content is a great way for brands to share valuable information with a target audience in an entertaining way. Many people learn new information through visuals. The concept of infographics is relatively simple: data + visually appealing design.

3. Videos – This type of content continues to become more popular among social media users. Millions of people view videos every day.


Content that Increases Organic and Social Traffic

4. Webinar – Webinars bring website traffic by building strong relationships with influencers and generating more lead conversions. To use this approach effectively, choose software: GoToWebinar, On24, WebexWebinar, and ClickMeeting are the popular options according to G2CrowdScore. After selecting software, test it before making the webinar live, and check that the recording system is working.

5. Interactive Content – Interactive content should be engaging and encourage sharing and social virality. Polls and surveys provide free market research and gives you a chance to learn more about your target audience.

6. Podcasts – Although podcasts do not generally reach a huge number of people, they can be an incredibly powerful type of content. Podcasts can establish a real connection with an audience. Unlike reading a blog, there is something intimate about hearing a voice disseminating relevant information to an audience.


Content that Increases Organic and Social Traffic


Even if you have well-written and (what you think is) engaging content, there is always room for improvement. It doesn’t necessarily require posting a new blog every day. In many cases, a single blog post can drastically boost a website’s traffic.

Improve your SEO and drive more visitors to your website. Consider spending more time on creative, innovative content, analyzing results, and making changes to your site(s).

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