Tips for Effective SEO Brand Mentions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continues to change rapidly each year. Even the concept of SEO evolves, and we can expect more transformation in coming years. Many old SEO strategies don’t work anymore and black hat practices invite severe penalties from Google.


A few years back, link wheels and other kinds of dubious SEO efforts helped to generate links, increase search engine ranking, and build website traffic. But due to the changes in algorithms and the SEO landscape, using the link wheel strategy can result in penalties. In more recent years, Google began using brand mentions without links (linkless SEO building) as a ranking factor.

Using Brand Mentions Effectively


Link building, surprisingly, is no longer about links. Although some old principles apply to unlinked brand mentions, there are some new and exciting strategies and concepts to try. Here are a few to get you started:


 Tips for Effective SEO Brand Mentions


1. Reviews – Reviews have a huge impact on your SEO. In addition to taking a creative approach, be proactive and ask customers to write reviews on the list of unlinked brand mentions you intend to reach. Taking time to respond to negative reviews can also help maximize brand mentions.


2. Influence Marketing – Using this technique allows you to reach a larger audience. It connects your site with a larger number of potential customers searching for relevant content. Awario can help you monitor top keyword mentions and better understand your audience. Then, you can find an influencer to promote your products and/or services.


 Tips for Effective SEO Brand Mentions


3. Guest Blogging – Guest blogging is versatile and provides an effective avenue to earn brand mentions and exposure. It is also a great way to establish authority in your niche by sharing practical tips that are helpful to your target audience. Guest blogging helps potential and current customers learn more about your company and what it can do for them. Before submitting posts, instill your voice in the content to make your brand more personal.


4. Social Media Campaign – A good social campaign can make a difference for your brand and create buzz. Although this is a challenging strategy for some, a social media campaign can be rewarding. By getting to know your target customers on a deeper level and creating posts they love, your business will benefit. Any campaign should have clear objectives and use the right platform(s).


 Tips for Effective SEO Brand Mentions


5. Customer Service – Great customer service can get your target customers talking. This is especially helpful if you want them to write positive reviews about your brand or company. When customers write a positive review, remember to thank them. If you get negative feedback, try to reconcile the situation.


Although link building is not yet obsolete, linkless mention is slowing becoming the future. By using the tips shared in this post, you can boost your search engine rankings and get more traffic/followers on your website. Call me at 1-877-689-5268 or (416) 888-8756 and let start improving your overall search engine rankings and exploring the SEO online marketing.

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