Increasing the ranking of your website on organic search results makes online success within arm’s reach. With high search rankings, you can get huge traffic and big conversion rates which later on contribute to an increase in ROI for your business. Even if digital marketing trends are constantly changing, increasing your various search rankings is not as difficult as you think. You just have to make sure not to resort to using “black hat” (dishonest or misleading) methods to rank high quickly. Using black hat methods will have a negative impact on your site; instead of increasing your rankings, your site will get penalized. Google search algorithms are becoming better (and smarter) in detecting spammy, fraudulent activities.

Worry not! This article can serve as a brief guide in increasing your site’s rankings. The following are some of the easiest tricks to increase your site’s visibility:

Improve your site’s user experience.

There are two basic ways to improve the user experience of your website. First, you have to make sure that your site loads fast. Second, you have to help visitors easily find the information that they’re seeking. When it comes to page speed, make sure there are no elements stopping your site from loading quickly. Users won’t wait even for just 5 seconds for a website to load information. They will simply look for another website to provide the information they need much faster. Also, make sure your website has a user-friendly design so potential clients can easily navigate the site and find information they need.

Publish high quality content.

Publish content users will find useful. They will not read it if they don’t find the content informative. When it comes to the length of the article, it does not really matter how long it is. Readers won’t get bored reading lengthy content as long as it is well-formatted and well-organized. Separate long paragraphs with headings and subheadings. You can also organize a blog or article using numbered or bulleted lists. By doing so, you can make your content more readable and easier for users to browse.

Add outbound links.

When writing content, make sure to add outbound links. The outbound links must come from reliable authority sites. Adding these links allows you to provide additional information to your readers. Aside from that, links to authority sites send trust signals to Google which, in turn, increase your rankings on search results.

Take advantage of different multimedia content.

Use different multimedia content as another method of delivering information to users. You can use images, video or audio; people find these media more interesting than text content.

In the figure below, 44% of users watched a video before they decided to purchase. After watching a video, 71% of these people made a purchase.

usage of video

If 51% of users decide to visit a website after watching a video, we know videos can be a great online marketing strategy. With increasing popularity, videos are capable of helping your site rank high on search results.

BONUS: Socialize through social media.

More and more of us are using social media. Since it’s a method for people to share their thoughts and opinions online, connecting with others through social media is a great way to interact and know customers’ opinions directly.

canadian social media usage

Social signals may not be one of the ranking factors but they are a great way to increase your brand’s authority. Take note that social media pages also appear on search results. So when you create social media pages for your business, you can provide additional methods for customers to find you on the Internet.


These are some of the easiest methods to increase your ranking on Google search engine results. When these methods are used effectively, you will reap great returns. With high search engine rankings, you can improve your chance of having more traffic conversions and increase your ROI.

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