Backlink Audit/Analysis

Backlinking is one of the pillars of a solid digital marketing strategy. Acquiring quality backlinks can amplify your search engine ranking, establish your online presence, and increase your web traffic. However, bad links can undermine your campaign. A backlink audit and analysis can fix that.

Trust my team of SEO experts to provide a backlink audit. We will determine which of your existing links are helping — or hurting — your site. It’s the first step in eliminating the bad quality links and expanding the good quality ones.

Here’s a shortlist of other benefits you can enjoy after I’ve had some time to audit your links.

Identify toxic links

Google’s algorithms place plenty of value on links, so they should be a major part of your online marketing strategy. For many older sites, a significant number of links lead back to defunct pages that could threaten their rankings. We can perform an audit and redirect your links to relevant pages to make sure those pages maintain their value and contribute to your rankings instead.

Build authority

One thing that allows a brand to build rapport with their target market is if they are an authority within their niche. Links are a great way for you to “borrow” authority, particularly if you link to a site recognized as an established entity (like a medical journal or trusted news source).

Search engines treat those links like a vote of confidence, which can go a long way to boosting your rankings. My team can perform the necessary audit of your links so we can set you up with ones that can establish your site as an authoritative and trusted source.

Avoid penalties

As Google updates its algorithms, what worked for SEO today may not work tomorrow. Regular backlinks audits are just another way to stay ahead of the game and avoid losing any traffic. I employ a team of backlink specialists who keep up to date with the latest SEO trends so your site can adapt to the dynamic world of digital media and stay on top of the rankings. Let us conduct regular backlink analysis — even before you need it — so your website avoids Google penalties that could affect your traffic.

Before thinking about getting new links, it’s a good idea to clean up your existing array. Get rid of the low-quality links (they’re not doing you any favours) and add more high-quality ones. Allow me and my team to reevaluate your current links to make sure they do their part for you. Call me now at (416) 888-8756 for a backlink audit and analysis so your website remains on the top ranks of search engines.