What Web Designers Need to Know about 2018 SEO

What Web Designers Need to Know about SEO in 2018


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Website owners tend to pay close attention to the design of their website. While you may have a functional website, the visual design also plays a crucial role in your online presence. However, this does not necessarily mean that you need to hire a top-tier web designer, as this can be quite costly. Your best option is to find a web design style that matches your business and brand.

A good web designer knows the importance of creating an attractive website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. In addition to the aesthetic value of the website, SEO increases your web ranking in search engine results. It enables prospective customers to see your website easily when searching for your products or services by using targeted keywords. The higher the website ranking, the more likely it is that you will acquire more clicks from searchers.

Because SEO is constantly changing, here some helpful tips about SEO in 2018:


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  • Design Mobile First for Google – With millions of people using mobile devices, it’s important to design a website that is responsive to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). A responsive design is not just about fitting the elements in various screen sizes. It’s also about efficiency and user-experience. Use Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool to determine whether or not you meet design standards.



  • Content Structure for Organic Visibility – Page organization should be accessible to search engine bots. Check the webpage design to quickly establish the H1, H2, and H3 tags (the headings on the page). It should create a path that the bot can follow. Content hierarchy is also used to improve accessibility. However, SEO pays more attention to H1 through H3, whereas accessibility utilizes all the H tags (H1 to H6). You can evaluate the content structure by displaying the heading on a page or by using the Web Developer Toolbar extension, which is available on Chrome and Firefox. In the information section, select the “View Document Outline.” This will open the content hierarchy in your browser.



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  • Importance of User Intent – The Google bot is designed to mimic human behaviour. Over the years, SEO has moved beyond keywords and aims to understand the user’s intent behind a search query. However, this does not mean that keywords are no longer useful. Integrating a UX (user experience) friendly approach with keyword research brings in qualified website traffic. Installing Google Console also offers insight into how people find you online. Additionally, you can use Google Trends and Answer the Public to validate user intent.


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