5 Content Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Business

Content marketing is increasingly important for businesses

At its core, content marketing is all about creating and sharing useful information with potential clients. Unlike traditional ads, using your content to promote your business sparks interest in your brand as a whole rather than particular products or services. Done correctly, content marketing is an effective method of funneling more traffic toward your website. Here’s a short list of some content marketing strategies that can help your business thrive moving forward. 

1. Answer the important questions

A good rule of thumb to remember when making content is that you’re answering your clients’ questions. The main thing visitors look for when searching for your content is answers to simple questions that you as a business in that niche are in a position to answer. Make a list of some relevant FAQs visitors are likely to ask so you have a guide for future content.

2. Repurpose your older content

For many businesses, the common strategy is to keep making new content regularly. However, you do have the option of repurposing your old content to keep it relevant as time goes on. With a few modifications, your blog posts may also work well as downloadable guides or live webinars. Quality content takes time and effort to make, so making the most of your existing content is a great way to get a greater return on your initial investment.

Make good use of social media to reach a larger audience

3. Use your social media

With more and more people active on social media, it’s a good move to make sure you have a presence on those channels. These platforms are a convenient tool for sharing your content, especially if you get your followers to help out. Share your posts with your followers, friends, and family to expand brand awareness. High-quality content that strikes a chord with readers is more likely to go viral and be read by a wider audience than originally intended. Social media is a flexible tool for your marketing strategy. Keep an eye out for more social media tactics that can increase awareness as time passes.

Video content is a powerful marketing tool

4. Remember video content

Content often comes in written form, but there are other mediums you can use to share what you know with your audience. Using videos is a particularly powerful and effective content marketing tactic that can help grab your audience. Videos engage more of a viewer’s senses than words, making them especially effective at getting the attention of potential clients. Consider releasing your future how-to guides or product demonstrations in video form. It’s a chance to show your expertise in a more hands-on manner that your viewers can get just by watching.

5. customer stories

Before future customers engage with new businesses, it’s common to get some social proof to verify that yours is a company they’ll want to engage with. This can be as simple as reviews on Google or Yelp, or testimonials on your site. You can also take the idea a step further by creating content specifically about your customers’ stories. Create blog posts or videos involving your clients to tap into that sentiment. Other customers can see themselves in the customers you help, and it’s a good way to approach your customer base in a more personal and intimate manner.

Knowing how to use your SEO tools is one of the most effective steps to grow your business. I’m here to share my business and marketing expertise to give you the tools you need for success. Give me a call now at (416) 888-8756 to get some advice on how to give your company a competitive edge. 

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